Work-related Issues

Work is a part of many people’s lives. That work can be demanding of your time and energy putting pressure on your personal life. Sometimes there are problems in the working environment including relationships with co-workers management. Sometimes there is pressure in your personal life which makes your work more difficult for periods of time. Whatever the circumstances, I can help.

Counselling can be helpful in particular situations which can occur at work for example: where there has been sexual misconduct, bullying or discrimination; trauma or witness to trauma; aggression or anger. Working relationships can sometimes be strained and I help to provide strategies to manage difficult people.

Coaching can sometimes be useful to find a work/life balance but also for other areas that impact on work, for example: assertiveness, self-esteem and confidence building; time management; self-awareness; personal power; emotional intelligence; interpersonal relationships.

Many people are choosing to use the resources of a counsellor or coach to resolve work related difficulties. Sometimes it is possible to get support from an employer for employee counselling. Many employers are willing to offer support for bereavement,
divorce and relationship problems, traumatic experiences, or health problems.

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