Relationship Counselling

I work with individuals and couples who are having difficulties, upset or arguments.  I am a specialist relationship counsellor helping you manage your relationships with partners, friends and family.

Danbo relationshipsEveryone has relationships that are difficult, or hard work.  It could be difficulties with a friend, a family member, a work colleague, or your partner.

Sometimes the situation may look so bad that you can’t see a way forward.  However, all relationships take two, so the important and good news is that it can be different.

Couple Relationships

It is easy to drift apart even in close relationships.  You can find you are sharing the same physical space but not really talking to or engaging with each other.  You might start to feel that you no longer care for each other.  You can feel very lonely even if you are in a relationship, or you can feel that you have lost part of yourself. Some people feel a lack of emotion and say they feel ‘cut off’ or empty.  I help you to uncover what is happening for you and for your relationship.  I work with you as an individual, or as a couple (same sex or different sex).  I can help you explore separation and divorce, or I can help you to rebuild your emotional bond with your partner, so that you create a more positive, close and caring relationship.

Some couples experience a lot of conflict in their relationship. This can mean that there are angry outbursts, or it can be unspoken, resulting in long silences, resentment and bitterness. It is often difficult to communicate effectively when this is happening, so there can be misunderstanding and confusion. It can feel like you are on opposite sides fighting each other. As an experienced counsellor I help you find a way to get back on the same team, to be able to listen and understand each other, and to find a way to resolve outstanding issues

Sometimes there is a breakdown in a relationship caused by jealousy or betrayal. This can be a very painful period for everyone involved. Sometimes the relationship can heal, in other cases the relationship changes.  I help individuals and couples negotiate this difficult and challenging time.

If you have lost a relationship that was valuable to you it can be difficult to move on.  Maybe you want to avoid getting hurt again, and you are afraid to let anyone get close to you. Sometimes there is a feeling that the relationship is unfinished, making it difficult to let go.  I can help you to recover from lost love, to find a way to let go, and to be ready to find a lasting and loving relationship

Other Relationships

There are many other relationships you have with children, parents, family members, friends, colleagues, and other people you know which can get into difficulty.  This can be exhausting both emotionally and physically.

Sometimes it is necessary to find a way to get on with people who are a part of your life, you might like a more satisfying relationship, or you might want to find a way to break free or let go of unhelpful relationships.

I can help you to uncover the hidden dynamics within the relationship, to clarify how you feel, and to help you to find a way to resolve the difficulties so that they are at best more satisfying, or at least less troublesome.

You can call me on 07594 704204 to book a session, or send me a message below.