Pregnancy for Men

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Pregnancy for Men

Pregnancy affects men too. You are supposed to be excited at the prospect, and any doubts can be hard to admit.

There is much more emphasis today on the importance of dads and their involvement in parenting. Some men worry about being a good dad, particularly if they had a difficult relationship with their own dad. Some men have doubts about taking on the responsibility of a family. Some men worry they will lose their wife to her family and friends. Some men panic, feeling that life, as they know it, is about to end.

The doubts may lead you take stock of your life, your work, financial situation, possessions, lifestyle, and your relationships. You might suddenly find yourself in a panic to make changes, or to accomplish dreams before the baby arrives. Some of the changes might include:

  • Looking for another job or career
  • Excessive worry about money – restricting all expenditure
  • Excessive spending – needing to get what you want now
  • Taking up a hobby or sport
  • Going out more without your wife or partner
  • Taking more notice of other women

It helps to talk it through with your wife or partner. The problem is that she is often focused on the pregnancy, and so may not be receptive to your ideas about changing other aspects of your life. If you start to make changes that don’t include her, for example going out more, it can put a distance between you. It is not unusual for relationships to hit a few difficulties during pregnancy.

Don’t panic. Much more today parenting is shared, including the responsibility and finances. It’s much easier to go out with children now and although some aspects of your life might change, there are also lots of new opportunities. Having a child means you get to play and do lots of fun things.

Don’t rush. There is no need for everything to be perfect before the baby arrives. Life carries on.

Do talk. It’s natural to have doubts, and it’s good to talk someone about them. Talk to your wife or partner. Try your mates, or dads you know. Talking to a counsellor is a practical alternative.

If you do have doubts, don’t stay silent, talk it out.

Susanna Brown is a qualified and experienced Counsellor and Coach in private practice on King Street in Manchester City Centre 07594 704 204