Media + Sports Professionals

There are many pressures on people who work in the media and sport, particularly if they become recognised in public. Even the most talented professionals sometimes have difficulties including:

  • Excessive or out of control thinking, sleeping difficulties
  • Difficulty in switching off, restless, unable to relax, agitated state
  • Relationship problems with partner, family, and friends
  • Excessive control, health/injury anxiety, compulsions, rigid or fixed thinking
  • Anger or aggression, losing control
  • Lack of connection with self and others, distracted, irrational
  • Low mood, depression, panic, anxiety
  • Health or injury problems, emotional problems
  • Excessive habits including smoking, alcohol, drug use, gambling

There are also the difficulties that different life situations can bring including bereavement, divorce, unemployment, and family problems.  Many professionals work at maintaining their performance, so many of the difficulties can be hidden. However the effects are often felt in their home life and relationships.


I have worked with media and sports professionals at all levels. I understand the difficulties of balancing work and home life, and identity. There can be particular problems associated with fame, including repuational and legal.  I offer professional and expert help providing the resources necessary. In particular I am a counsellor with the Sporting Chance Network supporting members of the PFA and RFL.  As a professional counsellor and coach I work with individuals on many areas of personal development including: confidence and self esteem, self awareness, personal power, confidence, anger management, emotional intelligence, interpersonal relationships, developing charisma and presence.


Everyone I work with has the right to confidentiality as laid down by the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy Ethical Framework for Good Practice in Counselling and Psychotherapy. There are some exceptions which include:

  • If someone discloses that they intend to hurt themselves or another person, or commit a
    criminal act
  • The court has made a legal order for the release of records (a subpoena)
  • The individual gives a signed release specifying to whom the information is to be released

The offices in central Manchester and Altrincham offer an impersonal professional environment, and home to many different organisations. It is usual to sign in at reception but if you prefer to come directly to the counselling rooms please let me know.

How does it work?

I find that professionals require a more tailored approach. I offer flexible appointment times, and I find that many people like to book two hour sessions at intervals that suit their needs, and their diary.

Individuals may fund themselves, or sessions can be invoiced as a business expense or to an employer. The content of the sessions remains confidential between the counsellor and the individual.

You can call me on 07594 704204 to book a session, or send me a message below.