There is an increasing focus on employer’s responsibility for the well-being of their staff.  Initiatives from the Department of Health, Department of Work and Pensions and the Health and Safety Executive, aim to address the needs of both the employer and the employee.

When employees have difficulties either inside, or outside of work, effectiveness can go down, and absenteeism can go up. Many of these issues are initially addressed by managers and sometimes by HR. However there can be situations and circumstances where independent and expert assistance is more appropriate. Counselling and Coaching is recommended by the DWP and helps by giving the employee the opportunity to talk to someone independent, qualified and experienced. The experienced therapist is able to help with emotional control and coping strategies, control of negative thoughts and behaviours, improving focus, attention, attitude and motivation.

How does it work?

The employer discusses the option with the employee and agrees the number of sessions. The employer offers to sponsor a limited number of sessions, usually 6 or 10. Each session lasts one hour, usually once per week. Some employers allow the employee to attend sessions during working hours, others prefer appointments outside working time. The counselling is short term focused work, for the benefit of the employee.

You call or email with the name and contact details of the employee. I will arrange the appointments and keep you informed of the employees attendance. The first session includes an assessment of suitability.  If counselling is not suitable your employee will be assisted in accessing the support they need.  The content of the sessions remains confidential between the counsellor and your employee.

If you need assistance in deciding if offering counselling or coaching is appropriate for your employee, or in how to approach the subject, please call me on 07594 704 204.


Counselling and Coaching is often a cost effective solution, and offers considerable benefit to both the employee, and employee relations more generally. I charge my standard rate of £55 for each session (£65 after 5.30pm).

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