Employee Counselling

Many employers recognise the value of supporting the well-being of their employees.  The difficulties may be work-related or personal, but both have an impact on an individual’s capacity to work productively. 

Some employers have an Employee Assistance Provider (EAP) and I work with a number of these organisations throughout the Greater Manchester area.  However a number of employers also decide to engage a counsellor to work with individuals, and come to me directly.  Some of the issues I have dealt with include:

  • harassment and bullying in the workplace
  • complaints and misconduct in the workplace
  • coping with stress, anxiety and depression
  • the impact of mental health difficulties in the working environment
  • health anxiety
  • bereavement, divorce, and other personal difficulties
  • trauma, for example sexual assault or rape of an employee

The Process

Most employers agree to fund between 6 to 10 sessions of counselling.  I charge my standard fee of £55 per session (£65 after 5.30pm). 

I conduct an initial assessment with the employee to ensure their suitability for counselling.  I provide details of the dates of the sessions but usually no further information is provided to ensure confidentiality for the employee.  If you require a report please discuss with me your requirements so we can agree the limitations in advance of the counselling.  Sessions are invoiced on completion.  Sessions cancelled or re-arranged with 24 hours is acceptable, but sessions may be charged in full otherwise.

Please call Susanna 07594 704204 or email su@persontopersonsolutions.co.uk to arrange employee counselling.