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Danbo is a Japanese cardboard robot that originally appeared in the manga Yotsuba&! I loved Danbo as soon as I was introduced to him.

The idea of Danbo is that there is a person hiding inside. Many people hide inside themselves or don’t express themselves freely and fully for many different reasons. I like the idea of liberating people to be themselves.

I was surprised at being excited about the delivery of my own Danbo. He came directly from Japan and came in a hundred tiny pieces with instructions only in Japanese. I had my own challenge in assembling Danbo and feel I know him well!

Danbo is surprisingly expressive, even though he has only two circles for eyes and a triangle for a mouth. I have enjoyed taking photographs myself, and he sits in my office. I have made contacts with photographers from all over the world who are also enthusiastic about Danbo. Some have been kind enough to share their images through this website. You can find their details below, and I would like to thank them for their generosity.

Danbo could be any of us, male or female, old or young. We all have our own inner lives, hidden from the outside world. In the work I do I am privileged to get to know the inner person. I hope that you enjoy the images and want to explore the world of Danbo for yourself.