Counselling and Coaching

Counselling and Coaching work in slightly different ways. Counselling is generally non-directive which means that in each session you talk about what is most important to you at the time. Coaching is more directive, which means that is more structured, and provides you with ideas and strategies that you can take away from your session and put into practice.


This makes it sound like counselling is ‘just talking’, and coaching involves doing. Counselling is often thought of as someone sitting there listening to you complain about your problems, but it far more than that.

Counselling is recommended for a number of difficulties and is a process that works in the following ways:

Counselling offers emotional support

Emotions are a natural part of being human. However strong emotions, or feelings that last and are hard to escape from, can be more difficult to cope with and can have a negative impact on the life you live. Counselling offers support and understanding for overwhelming emotions.

Counselling offers coping strategies

Counselling provides coping strategies that are effective in reducing the emotional symptoms, including crying, panic, depression, anxiety and anger. This allows you to feel that you can control your emotions, rather than your emotions taking you over.

Counselling promotes perspective

Counselling encourages reflective thinking, stimulating logic and reasoning. This process promotes context and perspective, so you have a clear understanding on what you are feeling and why. This allows you to make clear and rational choices that support your well-being.

Counselling advances understanding

The process of counselling provides a narrative to your circumstances and situation. Within this there are opportunities to question and understand thoughts, actions and behaviours that have influenced your life.

Counselling can accelerate the recovery process

Some people get stuck at a particular stage in the process of resolving difficulties or overcoming the challenges of life. Some continually circle through stages, unable to reach the final stage of resolution. Counselling is effective in facilitating and accelerating the process of responding to difficulties and challenges.

Counselling empowers

Counselling helps you to clarify issues and difficulties by ‘thinking out loud’. This enables you to develop your thoughts, and to explore options, to find solutions that will work for you. Counselling encourages you to take responsibility for your choices and decisions, empowering you to take control of your life.

Counselling promotes positivity

Counselling helps you to take control of negative or circular thinking, which can cause you to feel pessimistic about the future. When you are able to break unhelpful patterns, you can think more clearly and positively. This often allows you to explore alternative solutions to difficulties or challenges.

Counselling overcomes obstacles

Some people respond more positively to challenges than others. Counselling promotes perseverance, creativity, and resilience in finding ways to overcome obstacles.

Mostly people come to counselling because they are finding it difficult to cope with feelings that have built up inside in them, and they are experiencing negative consequences. Counselling is effective in helping to manage the feelings, and to get to the root of the problems so that they can be resolved.


Coaching is often seen as setting goals and feeling motivated enough to achieve them. If you are feeling bored or dissatisfied with your life, and feel you are lacking direction or motivation then coaching can be helpful. As a coach I help you to find the focus that is right for you. I can provide you with tools and resources that will help to direct and motivate you to achieve what you want most.

I combine the approach of a coach with the latest resources in psychology and neuroscience, to build your motivation and direction. I use focusing and visualisation, and show you how to manifest the results you are searching for. I build your personal resources and interpersonal skills so that you find it easy to live a fulfilling and successful life.

Often we need to address what is holding you back, and how you might sabotage your best efforts. As an experienced counsellor I can quickly uncover your barriers to success and to identify ways to break through them.

I don’t have a pre-prepared plan for you to adopt, but I work with you to produce a personal plan that reflects what you want out of your life.

Advanced Coaching

Some people have found success or contentment on some scale, but find that they lack a sense of personal fulfilment and well-being. It can feel as if life is mostly OK, but there is something missing.

Presence is a powerful state of being, where you are free of restrictions, able to be fully yourself, yet grounded by intuitive wisdom and knowing. It is a state that can be cultivated, so you escape limitations by using focus, intention, attention, and inspired action to manifest your full potential. You can feel whole and balanced with a deeper understanding and awareness. It is often described as the natural and powerful state of being ‘in the flow’.

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