Stress Counselling

Danbo losing his headTension is a natural response in challenging circumstances, but sometimes the stress becomes continuous, and difficult to escape from.  Stress not only feels bad, it is also not good for your health.

People from all walks of life and in many different life situations experience stress.  Some of the physical symptoms of stress are headaches, muscle tension and pain, stomach problems or breathlessness.  You might feel irritable, frustrated, or moody.  You can feel like your mind is racing, that you are busy all the time, and like you can’t switch off.  Some people find they start to drink, comfort eat, or smoke more to try to calm down the tension they are feeling inside.  It can be difficult to find an escape with the result that the tension can build up inside until it explodes, in angry outbursts, unreasonable behaviour, or an illness.  I can help you find positive ways to deal with stress that are better for your health and well being.

Help yourself now by thinking about how you cope with stress.  Do you turn it outward – being irritable, impatient and angry, or do you turn it inwards – being moody and withdrawn.  In either case you can become a difficult person to live with or work with, and you can experience physical symptoms in your body.  If high levels of stress continue you could develop more serious health problems.

It is difficult to avoid stress.  At one level it may be caused by circumstances, people or situations.  However my experience in working with many people is that underlying the stress are unhelpful assumptions, beliefs, attitudes and behaviours.  As an experienced counsellor I can help you take a step back to look at what is causing the stress, offer you resources that can help you cope, teach you strategies that can help you switch off and relax, find ways of giving you more energy, and help you to develop a more balanced and positive approach to stress.

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