Spiritual Counselling

with nature for spiritual counsellingIt is easy to get caught up in the everyday challenges of living whether they are great or small. Many people are exploring a deeper connection with life, often called a spiritual journey. This may be within a faith or religious group, or it may be a personal experience.

Spiritual Counselling offers a safe space to explore your personal journey, including your thoughts and experiences. Many Spiritual practices encourage self awareness, and a deeper understanding of how you relate to others and the world.  I can help by offering you different ways of experiencing yourself, for example through archetypes, focusing, or mindfulness practice.

I am naturally curious and open-minded and have a long standing interest in ancient and modern beliefs and practices, including those that are humanistic and secular.  I have a broad knowledge of spirituality, combined with professional counselling skills and am a member of the BACP Spirituality division.

I use meditation, mindfulness, intuitive wisdom, archetypes, visualisation and manifesting as part of my everyday practice. I can help you to use a number of different resources to deepen your spiritual practice and gain a greater connection and acceptance of yourself.  Many of the resources are creative, inspirational and instructive.

The spiritual journey can be challenging or confusing at times, and it is sometimes helpful to use the resources of an experienced spiritual counsellor.  I make every effort to work within the framework of your own faith and culture, so that you can find your own meaning of what it means to take a spiritual path.

You can call me on 07594 704204 to book a session, or send me a message below.