Health Counselling

Unwell for health counsellingAre you are suffering due to ill health or a diagnosis of an illness that will affect the way you live?  Often the focus is on treatment for physical symptoms.  How you are feeling about what is happening to your body can get ignored by you and other people.

Health problems can have a devastating effect on your lifestyle, your working and social life.  It can be a very worrying time and it can be difficult to share how you feel with people around you. I can help by providing a space for you to explore your feelings and to make some sense of what is happening.

If you are close to a person affected by ill health it can be difficult to cope with their emotions and your own. Sometimes it is hard to know what to do for the best.  You may be anxious and worried about the future, angry and frustrated, or feeling guilty.  I can help by offering support and a place to explore how you feel.  I have helped other people to find creative solutions to the difficulties they faced and I can help you.

The counselling rooms are conveniently situated in Manchester and in Altrincham, in a modern building with disabled access and toilet facilities.  There is a large reception and if you have someone to accompany you they are welcome to wait.  Please let me know of any special requirements.

If you would like to find out more about how I can help you please call me in confidence and without obligation, on 07594 704204 or send me a message below..