Divorce Counselling

Leaving trouble for divorce counsellingThere are many circumstances in which a relationship ends. We think of divorce as being when a marriage ends, but it also includes the ending of committed relationships. Endings that are sudden or abrupt can leave you feeling ‘amputated’, causing shock, confusion and overwhelming sadness. Endings caused by a betrayal of trust can be deeply painful and can remain ‘unfinished’, with many unanswered questions. Endings after a long relationship can cause such anguish and anger that it makes it hard to ‘let go’.

Divorce can be particularly painful not only for the people in the marriage or partnership, but also for any children and the extended family.  There are an increasing number of people getting divorced who have been in their relationship for more than 20 years.  Everyone faces their own challenge in divorce.

Divorce is not an easy process, emotionally or physically. There is a change to many aspects of your life; financial, your home, friends and family, and many everyday routines and responsibilities. It takes time to adjust. Emotionally it can be difficult to cope with all the changes, particularly if they have been imposed, rather than chosen by you. You can also feel like you have lost, or wasted, your past.  If you initiated the separation or divorce there can strong feelings of guilt and difficulty in managing the emotional reactions of your ex-partner, children and family.  I try to help all parties to negotiate this difficult and painful time.

I have specialised in relationship counselling, and particularly in divorce, and I work closely with family lawyers and mediators throughout the Greater Manchester area.  I am a member of Resolution, an organisation dedicated to non-conflict separation and divorce.  I also train other counsellors in divorce so we are all better able to provide the support needed both during the process of divorce and the years after.  I have a good understanding of the difficulties each party, and I understand the influences on children.  Through working with a number of people I have seen the adjustments and positive creative solutions that can be found.

As an experienced divorce counsellor  I can help you to negotiate the process of readjustment. Studies have shown that people who have accessed counselling support recover from divorce more quickly, and are more able to move on with their life. Your divorce may have been recent, or it may have been a long time ago. If want to move on I can help you.

Co-Parenting after divorce

During the divorce process you will have decided on arrangements for contact with the children.  Often this means there is a need to be able to communicate and have contact with an ex-partner.  This can be difficult as it demands that you are both able to seperate being ex-partners while continuing to be parents.  The result can be avoiding contact and communication with each other, which can cause difficulties for the children.  It can be hard to see a way out.  I work with you as an individual to provide you with support and resources to help to minimise conflict and create a co-parenting arrangement that is sustainable.

Divorce Recovery

Some people find it hard to face being in another relationship. Maybe you want to avoid getting hurt again, and you are afraid to let anyone get close to you. Maybe you feel you can never trust anyone again. Sometimes there is a feeling the relationship is unfinished, making it difficult to let go.  I can help you to recover from lost love, to find a way to let go, and to be ready to find a lasting and loving relationship when you are ready.

If you would like to find out more about how I can help you, please call me in confidence and without obligation on 07594 704204, or send me a message below.