Confidence Coaching

Many people would like to feel more confident and relaxed in being themselves, especially when they are around other people. For some this develops into social anxiety, which is when you worry about what other people think to the extent that it is hard to join in.

Confident DanboMost people cope by acting more confidently than they feel, or retreating and sometimes avoiding situations. When you feel more confident you find it easy to relate to other people, you are able to relax and enjoy being with people, you are confident in your ability and feel easily able to express your thoughts and feelings.

Sometimes people feel less confident in particular situations and need to be able to overcome this, including: public speaking, interviews, starting a job, driving tests, etc. Sometimes a lack of confidence can restrict more day to day living, and often includes relating to other people.

I use my resources as a counsellor and coach to fully understand the particular difficulties you face, and find the strategies that will work for you. All children have a natural level of confidence and you may feel you are naturally shy or reserved, or maybe your confidence has been undermined at some time in your past. I combine understanding how you came to lose your confidence, with practical strategies that you can start to use right now. By learning how you can change your thoughts, feelings and behaviour you can become more relaxed and confident.

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