Bereavement Counselling

I help you negotiate the emotional time of grieving, whether your bereavement was recent or some time ago.  You can find understanding and meaning, and be able to find a way to face the future

dsc_0225There are many different circumstances in which people die, young or old.  Some have suffered a long period of illness, some are snatched suddenly, and some take their own life. It can be hard for those left behind.  As an experienced counsellor I can provide you with support, and a space where you will be listened to and understood.

You may feel an overwhelming sadness but there are many other emotions that can be released, including anger, frustration, numbness, guilt, shame and a loss of hope.  This can leave you feeling tired and exhausted, angry and frustrated, or worried and anxious with living day to day.

Counselling provides a safe, secure and confidential space for you to make sense of what is happening and how you feel.  I specialise in person centered counselling, which means that we focus on what is important to you. Some people feel that they won’t benefit from talking about their bereavement, as if ‘talking won’t bring them back’.  This of course is true, but sometimes it is surprising how counselling can help.  One person told me:

nothing has changed, but everything is different.

If you would like to find out more about how I can help you, please call me in confidence and without obligation.

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