Anger Management

I help you to build strategies to prevent and control angry outbursts.  You can identify your triggers and make the choice to respond.  You control your anger, rather than your anger controlling you.

Angry DanboUncontrolled anger can be very destructive, hurting people and creating chaos.  Anger management focuses on three important  areas:

  • Prevention
  • Control
  • Understanding

Rather than offering workshops I work one to one with you. This means that we can concentrate on a solution for you. I help you build strategies for preventing the anger, or for containing it when things have gone too far.  I help you to develop new ways of coping and managing your anger, and alternative ways to resolve conflicts.  This means that you have choices how you respond to different situations, rather than reacting and losing control.

There are several different types of anger so I usually work with you to gain a better understanding of how and why you get angry. You may feel like you have a ‘short fuse’, you may naturally be quick to get angry, or maybe you are very stressed at the moment. Being angry often, is probably not a good experience for you or for the people around you. It can cause many problems in your working or home life, and it can make you more susceptible to digestive problems and heart disease.

As an experienced counsellor I can help you manage your anger, including controlling angry outbursts. I help you to take all the energy and use your anger in a more positive way. You will still be the same person, but you will be able to manage your anger so that can use it when you need to. You control your anger, rather than your anger controlling you.

Some people find that just a few sessions can make a real difference. I try to find a convenient appointment time so you usually won’t have to wait. It isn’t always easy to make time during the day, so I offer early morning and evening appointments. Call me now on 07594 704204, or send me a message, and take control.