How I Help

About the way I work

You can talk to me. The people I work with tell me that they find me easy to talk to, kind and friendly. I work with you, person to person, and I try to help you find solutions to the circumstances or situation in which you find yourself. Sometimes this relates to events that have happened in your life, sometimes to difficulties with the people in your life, and sometimes it is about what is going on inside. I use my knowledge and experience to help you find solutions for these difficulties. I keep up to date with the changes and developments in neuroscience and psychotherapy, so I have a wide range of strategies and resources that might be useful for you.

BACP Registered

Everyone has the right to confidentiality and I work to the standards of the Ethical Framework for Good Practice recommended by the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).

The content of our sessions will be kept confidential with some exceptions which includes:

  • If someone intends to hurt themselves or another person, or commit a criminal act.
  • The court has made a legal order for the release of records (a subpoena).
  • The individual gives a signed release specifying to whom the information is to be released.

To ensure the highest standards of care I monitor outcomes within my counselling practice. I am a member of the International Centre for Clinical Excellence (ICCE), and use the recommended SRS and ORS rating scales. This enables you to give me feedback about your experience of the counselling or coaching process.

About the people I see

I work with individuals from many walks of life, and many different cultures and backgrounds. I am naturally curious and open-minded and have a long standing personal interest in ancient and modern religious beliefs and practices, including those that are humanistic and secular.  I have a broad knowledge of cultures, and thank my clients from all over the world for increasing my understanding. I have my own mixed bag of life experiences which help me relate to, and accurately understand the difficulties in other people’s lives.

I work with individuals who have found me through this webpage, or through being recommended. I also work with a number of employers large and small throughout the Greater Manchester area including TfGM, Asda, ITV, BBC, Capita, Late Rooms. I work with HR and Occupational Health teams and I support organisations, providing training and information.

I also work with private and public service, media and sports professionals.  Read more …

About the problems I deal with

I deal with people, and people tend to have a mix of problems. I have outlined some of the common difficulties that I have worked with. I work with each person as an individual and I always try to find the root of any difficulty. When we are able to tackle problems at their source we can often find a way to resolve them. This means that positive changes can be long lasting.

If you are not sure if I can help in your particular situation, please give me a call on 07594 704 204, or send me a message below.