Counselling + CBT for Anxiety

I help you manage anxious thoughts and feelings by developing strategies that will work for you.  You can reduce the frequency and intensity of your anxiety, and be free of restrictions and limitations.

Relationship Counselling

I work with individuals and couples who are having difficulties, upset or arguments.  I am a specialist relationship counsellor helping you manage your relationships with partners, friends and family.

Counselling for Depression

I help you break the hold of negative thoughts and feelings, which can leave you drained of energy and motivation.  You can regain your connection with life, and with the people around you.

Bereavement Counselling

I help you negotiate the emotional time of grieving, whether your bereavement was recent or some time ago.  You can find understanding and meaning, and be able to find a way to face the future

"Sometimes it feels that things are too big to change, or are small and shouldn’t matter. Whatever your reason for taking this first step, I have the expertise and resources to make a positive difference."

Self Help

A selection of insider information and advice

Feb 25, 2013

Escaping with Alcohol

It’s easy to slip into the habit of a glass of wine, or a beer at the end of a day. ...

Feb 18, 2013

When divorce gets messy

  Divorce is a process of separation which can be painful for many people.  Even...

Jan 12, 2013

Change of heart?

The relationship isn’t great and hasn’t been for some time. You give it a last...


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